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Electrical Engineer

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

In this role, you will be closely working with the team to design, construct and deploys electrical systems. The duties include providing support in troubleshooting for electrical assemblies, supporting the development of systems from concept to manufacturing, and working collaboratively with other engineers to create the needed design.


Salary $80,000-$95,000


·    Preparing estimates and proposals for projects

·    Applying technical standards and procedures to carry out tasks 

·    Ensuring all techniques, procedures, and designs meet appropriate compliance standards

·    Troubleshooting and solving any electrical system errors

·    Providing input over the design and development of equipment designs as they progress through the structural design process 

·    Managing and overseeing the work of other Electrical Engineers

·    Supporting the manufacturing of components and resolving any manufacturing queries

Skills and Qualifications

·    Experience working with technical project management

·    Strong communication and personal time management skills

·    Experience working with classification society rules for electrical systems

·    Ability to work in a team environment 

·    Strong analytical and problem-solving skills

·    Strong knowledge of electronic circuit design and development

·    Experience working with site inspections, construction supervision, and contract administration

Strong knowledge of electrical installation safety

About the Company

ACEL Power, where our international team of passionate experts are charting the voyage to carbon neutrality.

We design and engineer pure outboard, infrastructure, component and automotive EV power solutions that empower the forward-thinking explorers of today with the propulsion products of tomorrow. A new age in maritime power has dawned, and we are proud to be at its helm delivering world-leading electrification technologies produced 100% in-house.

Together, let’s set sail for a greener existence – the future of our planet depends on it.

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