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Product Management CoPilot #GenerativeAI

GenerativeAI is here to disrupt everything, including product management.

Generative AI is revolutionizing the field of product management like never before. By automating tedious tasks and generating creative insights, it is accelerating the development process. This enables product managers to focus on strategy and innovation, thus bringing products to market faster and aligning them more closely with customer needs.

We use Google Cloud's GenerativeAI Studio to start building prompts which can help automate creation of product strategy.

1) First: Define the persona of the user who is going to be using the outcome.

2) Define Mission and Vision of the target product

The below prompt would help you define the product vision and mission.

"As a product leader for technology company, create 3 different versions for 15 word product vision and 3 different versions of 50 word product mission for new technology product "which would digitize technology procurement process, standardize the same to ensure software products which have similar capabilities are not procured without enterprise architecture guidance, and identify cost rationalization opportunities across enterprise". Ensure the response is strategic and appeals to executive leadership. Ensure the product vision should present picture on where the product will be in 3 years time and should be used for motivation for approvals. Ensure the product mission ensures representation of an approach to reach objectives."

3) Define Business outcomes and key results for the product.

The below prompt would help create OKRs as pertinent to the product.

"As a product leader, propose business outcome and key objectives results for the product. Ensure the objectives and results are quantified."

4) Define EPICs corresponding to the Objective Key Results.

The below prompt would help create recommendations.

"As a product leader for the above product, create EPICS required to meet the quantified objectives and results, use outstanding issues presented in previous prompts. Ensure EPICS align to the Objective Key Results presented in previous response."

You can get better recommendations using advanced prompts.

"As a product leader for the above product, create user stories aligned with the EPICS generated in previous response. Create User Stories in standard Agile format - "User Personas", "Tasks", "Definition of Done", "Acceptance Criteria". Ensure EPICS addresses the common pain points of user personas - Procurement Manager, Enterprise Architecture and demonstrates how this product can be their solution. Use data and persuasive language to communicate the benefits and encourage action."


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5) Create User Stories for each user persona in standard Agile format, including tasks, definition of done and acceptance criteria.

The below prompt would help create user stories.

"As a product leader for the above product, create user stories aligned with the EPICS generated in previous response. Create User Stories in standard Agile format - "Tasks", "Definition of Done", "Acceptance Criteria" for User Persona of Procurement Manager"

6) Create Product Roadmap

Use the prompt as below for creating product roadmap.

As a product leader for the above product, create product roadmap for remaining 4 quarters to support the necessary product, technology and process changes required for personas - "Procurement Manager", "Enterprise Architecture", "Finance", "Engineering teams".

The above are recommendations, which should be evaluated in context of the current state, engineering capability and capacity.

The prompts above should be refined with additional context to get better results.

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