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Recruiting Top Talent using RecruitGPT - Our GenerativeAI Product

Generative AI can revolutionize the recruitment process through its advanced algorithms, automating time-consuming tasks and allowing recruiters to quickly identify top talents.

SimplyAI's RecruitGPT helps improve talent screening, selection and submission process through contextual resume optimization advice. It is now available for talent acquisition managers to try out for free!

What does RecruitGPT do?

RecruitGPT helps identify fitment between job roles and candidates by analyzing job descriptions and resumes for skills, keywords.

It provides tailored recommendations on how the candidate's experience be best highlighted to meet job requirements.

Let us learn how to use RecruitGPT

Step 1 - Let us take a job description in consideration.

Step 2 - Take a sample candidate resume. At onset, the resume seems like a good fit for the requirement.

However, Candidate did not mention the relevant keywords in the resume.

- Candidate used Springboot and not spring boot and hence would get filtered out.

- Candidate forget to mention AWS deployment automation, AWS service catalog though these technologies are implicitly used as part of the AWS cloud development activities.

How can you improve the resume submission and acceptance rate?

Go to RecruitGPT and copy paste the job description and upload your resume and press Submit as below and press Submit.

RecruitGPT offers recommendations.

1) General recommendations and Summary

- Resume Experience Summary

- Grammatical and spelling mistakes in the resume

Action Item: Fix any grammatical or spelling mistakes in the resume.

2) Identify contextual recommendations in the resume based on the job description.

What do you get?

- Identification of the skills and keywords expected in the job description, but not found in the resume.

- Specific improvement opportunities to better align resume content with the job description.

Action Item: Work with candidates to ensure that their relevant skills and keywords are accurately reflected in their experience.

Opportunities to strengthen the resume by making it more persuasive and better aligned with the job description.

What do you get?

- Specific sentences which could be incorporated in the resume to improve alignment with the job description.

- Bulleted sentences which would make resume more persuasive, quantifiable, using specific language and metrics.

Action Item: Share these contextual recommendations to enhance the resume.

4) AI Generated Cover Letter / Email to Hiring Manager

What do you get?

- AI generated cover letter contextualizing resume with the job description.

Action Item: Share the resume with hiring manager, highlighting the contextual experience against the job description.

We really hope RecruitGPT would help you improve your talent acquisition metrics and performance.


SimplyAI-Talent is trusted by Fortune 500 companies in US and Canada.


Connect with us to help you with your hiring needs

Reach out to +1 (803) 701-9728 if you have any hiring requirements in US and Canada or send an email to

You can also connect with us on LinkedIn at:

We support all technology roles across US and Canada.

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