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How to score high in performance appraisals using ChatGPT

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

The performance appraisal process can provide an opportunity for employees to have a constructive conversation with their manager about their work. This can help to improve communication and understanding between the two parties.

Employees may struggle with writing proper performance appraisals for several reasons:

  • Lack of writing skills: Not everyone possesses strong writing skills, and some employees may struggle to express their thoughts and experiences effectively on paper.

  • Time constraints: Many employees are often juggling multiple responsibilities and tasks, leaving them with limited time to dedicate to writing a thorough performance appraisal.

We will explain how you can utilize ChatGPT or Google Bard to help you write better performance appraisal that would help you score better in your job. The below examples show Chatgpt based examples.

Example 1 - Expanding on Performance Goal of "Taking Ownership"

Use the ChatGPT prompt as below.

"As an employee filling out performance reviews, expand on the following scenarios in 100 words relating to "Taking Ownership" - Led cloud migration efforts for 15 apps, ensured product delivery on schedule, collaborated with LoB partners to ensure all defects are resolved."


- "Taking Ownership" is the goal

- Salient Points - "Led cloud migration for 15 apps", "ensured product delivery on schedule" etc

As you could see, ChatGPT enables you to communicate better, expanding on your ideas.

Example 2 - Use ChatGPT to generate ideas on how to best communicate your efforts for certain goals

Use the prompt: "As an employee filling out performance reviews, provide ideas for how did I perform above expectations on "Communicating and Coaching" performance goal"

Example 3 - Use ChatGPT to expand on your response for goals where you may have limited inputs

Use the prompt:

As an employee filling out performance reviews, suggest how to articulate my performance against the goal - "Innovation and Creativity", considering the following points - "Supported Innovation in the team with 5 new ideas including proposal for cloud migration"

Example 4 - Use ChatGPT to explain your performance as developer


Assume you are employee drafting response to half yearly performance appraisal. Explain in detail my contributions in 100 words towards zero defect delivery, ensuring all issues are addressed in pre-production environment while delivering scalable production ready code

Example 5 - Explain how are you ready for promotion to next level.

Use the prompt: As an Employee populating response for performance appraisals, demonstrate your preparedness for leadership roles

Example 6 - Demonstrate Strategic Thinking

As an employee filling out performance appraisal, demonstrate Strategic Thinking as you lead an implementation for test automation across your applications in 100 words

Example 7 - People Manager demonstrates radical candor while building trust in the team

Use the prompt: As a people manager filling out performance appraisal, demonstrate "radical candor" as you managed your teams

We really hope the prompts are useful as you work towards your performance review process.

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